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Common Aspect ratio’s

in Video: 1.33:1 or 4:3 (“Four-Three”, “Four-by-Three”, or “Four-to-Three”) 1.78:1 or 16:9 (“Sixteen-Nine”, “Sixteen-by-Nine” or “Sixteen-to-Nine”) 1.60:1 or 16:10 (Widescreen computer monitor, such 1920×1200 resolution, renowned to be close to the aesthetically pleasing golden ratio (1.618) in Film: 1.33:1 or 4:3 (silent films) 1.85:1 (“flat”,, introduced in May, 1953) 2.35:1 (“Scope”), The common anamorphic widescreen […]

Chroma Key green and blue in RGB & hex value’s

chroma key green: 0,255,0 or Hex #00ff00 chroma key blue: 0,0,255 or Hex #0000ff