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Dear Tim

Update to this story at 20 Feb 2018: I’ve been debugging the problem together with Apple and I feel like we are closing in on a solution. My current guess is that Finder indexing needs a lot more time on High Sierra than on Sierra clients. Update to this story at 6 July 2018: I’ve […]

Common Video File Sizes

Format GB/Hr Hrs/TB DV 13 75 HDV 720p 11 90 HDV 1080i 13 75 DVCPro HD 60 17 XDCAM EX 19 52 ProRes 422 1920×1080 66 15 ProRes 422 HQ 1920×1080 99 10 Cineform Low 36 28 Cineform High 58 17 Avid DNxHD 145 8-bit 61 16 Avid DNxHD 220 10-bit 100 10 Uncompressed SD […]

A word from the author

We all forget things. Sometimes this a good thing, but often there is a catch. We don’t always remember the content of that what we forgot, but the subject of it sticks in our head. Like that title of that song by that artist you can’t remember or that amazing page from a book you […]