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Fast and reliable way to encode Theora Ogg videos using ffmpeg, libtheora, and liboggz

if this doesn’t work for you: ffmpeg2theora -o out.ogv or ffmpeg2theora -v 8 -o out.ogv (To solve the video artefacts) Try the following: from tracey jaquith at use ffmpeg to turn any video to “rawvideo”. pipe its output to *another* ffmpeg to turn the video to “yuv4mpegpipe”. pipe its output to the […]

How to design an iPhone-friendly Website

from The iPhone can display most websites without modification, however the user often won’t be able to read the text or see anything useful without pinch-zooming on your page. Here’s how to set up an iPhone-friendly version of your website that doesn’t require zooming. 1. Set the viewport width inside the <head> section of […]

How to remove Stair-Stepping artefacts in a Nikon D90 Video File

The Nikon D90 is a fantastic DSLR, but as we speak, it has a huge bug. Here’s the fix for that: from D90 Rescaler (New Nov 2008) If you’re a D90 user I’m sure you’ve seen the stairstepping of diagonal lines, as well as the flickering aliasing of horizontal lines. No more, thanks to […]

How to select a schema in a Postgresql query

SELECT table_name as name FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.tables WHERE table_schema = ‘tablename‘;

Atomic Parsley Manual

See AtomicParsley is distributed under the GPL “AS IS”, without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for either an expressed or implied particular purpose. AtomicParsley is a command line program for reading & writing iTune-style metadata in mpeg4 files (m4a, m4b, m4p, m4v & mp4) whether iTMS drm protected […]

How to mount an external LVM partition under Ubuntu 10.10

Install lvm2: $ sudo apt-get install lvm2 Load the necessary module(s): $ sudo modprobe dm-mod Scan your system for LVM volumes: $ sudo vgscan Activate the volume: $ sudo vgchange -ay VolGroup00 Find the logical volume that has your external root file system: $ sudo lvs Create a mount point for that volume: $ sudo […]

How to substitute something by a line break in vi

use the normal substitute commands such as: :%s/oldword/newword/ but use the keyboard shortcut CtrlVCtrlM to create a new-line character

How to burn an iso file on MacOSX via Command Line

hdiutil burn image.iso

How to replace a string in a file with awk on a *nix system

example: cat oldfile | awk ‘{gsub(“;old text string”, “new text string”); print}’ > newfile mv -f newfile oldfile

A word from the author

We all forget things. Sometimes this a good thing, but often there is a catch. We don’t always remember the content of that what we forgot, but the subject of it sticks in our head. Like that title of that song by that artist you can’t remember or that amazing page from a book you […]