How to remove Stair-Stepping artefacts in a Nikon D90 Video File

by bram

The Nikon D90 is a fantastic DSLR, but as we speak, it has a huge bug. Here’s the fix for that:


D90 Rescaler (New Nov 2008)
If you’re a D90 user I’m sure you’ve seen the stairstepping of diagonal lines, as well as the flickering aliasing of horizontal lines. No more, thanks to this plugin. Lee Wilson posted the concept behind this script on the dvxuser D90 forum. Check it out. Basically the D90 uses a lousy algorithm to scale the footage down to 720p, and what the plugin does is resampling it to the original size and scaling it back down using FCP’s bicubic interpolation instead.

Download the Final Cut Plugin here:
The Too Much Too Soon Free Plugins for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express (Updated Aug 2009)