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Dear Tim

Update to this story at 20 Feb 2018: I’ve been debugging the problem together with Apple and I feel like we are closing in on a solution. My current guess is that Finder indexing needs a lot more time on High Sierra than on Sierra clients. Update to this story at 6 July 2018: I’ve […]

Chroma Key green and blue in RGB & hex value’s

chroma key green: 0,255,0 or Hex #00ff00 chroma key blue: 0,0,255 or Hex #0000ff

How to remove Stair-Stepping artefacts in a Nikon D90 Video File

The Nikon D90 is a fantastic DSLR, but as we speak, it has a huge bug. Here’s the fix for that: from D90 Rescaler (New Nov 2008) If you’re a D90 user I’m sure you’ve seen the stairstepping of diagonal lines, as well as the flickering aliasing of horizontal lines. No more, thanks to […]