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building a transparent bridge on OpenBSD

get three network cards, two for the bridge, mine are re0, em0 & em1 (re0 = admin connection to serve sshd) echo ‘dhcp’ > /etc/hostname.re0 echo ‘up’ > /etc/hostname.em0 echo ‘up’ > /etc/hostname.em1 echo¬† ‘add em0’¬† > /etc/hostname.bridge0 echo ‘add em1’ >> /etc/hostname.bridge0 echo ‘blocknonip em0’ >> /etc/hostname.bridge0 echo ‘blocknonip em1’ >> /etc/hostname.bridge0 echo ‘up’ […]

IPMI & Gratuitous ARP

Here’s a odd one, on one of my networks, I discovered this flowing around: 09:56:02.660795 arp who-has (ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff) tell (even though i’m not in this subnet) For those of you who have seen this, it’s called a Gratuitous ARP and originates from an IPMI enabled nic (Intel’s IPMI = Intelligent Platform Management Interface) […]